Audio Visual Learning

Seft Test

The coordination and application of technology in the education system has been a landmark step. People have begun to use specialized software and hardware with a view to to enriching the classroom experience and making it more productive. Effort is given mostly on how to teach through multimedia. The highest priority is given on how teaching can be enlarged through multimedia. The teachers have started teaching the students with the coordination of video and multimedia projector. This process is known to be ‘the modern education process’ at this time. Using this process, teachers have become capable of providing more effective teaching and the educational planning activities in schools and colleges which have become more fruitful. Development of students becomes easier through the use of performance management and tracking systems. These classes are called ‘Smart Class’. ”Smart Classroom” has come a long way due to the modernization of technology. But the main problem of this classroom is that the setup is highly costly. Besides, the maintenance of hardware and software is also expensive. Joykoly Publications is firmly determined to spread this high quality education not only to urban area students but also to the rural areas free of cost.